Malagash, Nova Scotia
Specializing in healthy natural fleeces, rovings, felts and yarns
Our Shetland wools range from silver-grey to blue-grey, solid black to black with flecks of colour, browns, white, fawn and cream. Our combined flock of Shetland and Icelandic sheep now numbers 82. We sell raw fleece twice a year after shearing (spring and fall), which provides cleaner fleece and shorter staple lengths.

We have Alpacas, Shetland, and Icelandic fleeces, rovings, felts and yarns available throughout the year for the craftsperson, knitter, hand-spinner or the weaver. Our fibre and wool come in a wide array of natural colours which preclude the need for dying.

We send only the best quality fleece to the mills to produce the highest quality Alpaca, Shetland, and Icelandic yarns and rovings.
Alpaca fibre is more hypoallergenic and warmer than sheep's wool, and has a much higher comfort factor. Our selection ranges from Rose Grey, shades of brown, white, blacks, fawn, mahogany and fancy coated (two colours). At this time our Alpaca herd numbers 32.

Award winning
A beautiful Morrocan Wrap made by customer Karen Lee of The Loop Craft Cafe in Halifax. Made from our 2 ply Laceweight Shetland yarn sold exclusively at The Loop. Visit Mimi and Cathy at

They were then wooven into these lovely products. All of this was done by Owen Brush of Halifax, Nova Scotia. You may find Owen at

These beautiful scarves were made from yarn hand spun from our Alpaca fibre and Icelandic wool.