Malagash, Nova Scotia
Specializing in healthy natural fleeces, rovings, felts and yarns
We do not refer to our animals as livestock or inventory. They are our family and our friends. They have their own names, personalities, likes, and dislikes. We try to make them as happy as possible with grazing on good, sweet grass, the good weather conditions of our Malagash Peninsula, pure water, and wonderful sunlight. We feel that a happy and healthy herd/flock will produce the most vibrant, strong, and healthy fleeces. So good they are award winners.

Sustainability and the environment are at the top of our agenda. We do rotational grazing on good, clean pasture. In winter we feed the very best local hay. We do not use pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals.
Betty - our Icelandic!
Maya with Brown Sugar
Our fibre is natural, renewable, sustainable. It is carbon neutral. Our Herd/flock produces organic waste which is 100% recyclable.
Award winning
Weave with the threads of life......