Malagash, Nova Scotia
Specializing in healthy natural fleeces, rovings, felts and yarns
Nick and Vicki Mirabile welcome you to their world of hard work, dedication and pleasure on their 14 acre farm and French Second Empire style farmhouse.
Award winning
We began the wool and fibre side to our farm in 2004 with eight Alpacas and six Shetland sheep. We produce wonderful award-winning fleece which in turn is made into roving for spinners, yarns, and batts. Today we have 63 Shetland sheep and 32 Alpacas.
In 2008 we started our Icelandic flock with one polled  (no horns) ewe we named Izzy. Our Icelandic flock now numbers 19 and provides us with lovely double coated fleeces in a wide variety of natural colours. This precludes the need to use dyes."

Just shorn!
Weave with the threads of life......